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May Round-up: App Theming, New Copy Paste Experience, and Product Updates


I am excited to share that we have released some new features that will make our internal apps more efficient and stunning. These features include beta App Theming, Version Control with Git, a new copy-paste experience, an upgraded Map Widget, and more configuration options for the Table Widget. We have also revamped the way we run JS Objects and added a new option to resize the entity explorer page. If anyone has suggestions for database integrations that are not listed on our website, please let us know by raising a PR on Github.


Appsmith has introduced several new features to make internal app development more efficient and visually appealing. One of the most anticipated features is App Theming, which is now in beta. It allows users to style their pages and widgets with global controls and change the visual layout with a single click. Another new feature is Version Control with Git, which supports multiple developers adding their work in a git branch, raising a pull request for code reviews, and integrating with CI/CD pipelines. The new Copy-Paste experience makes it easier to duplicate widgets, and the upgraded Map Widget now enables search location from Map without entering coordinates.

Appsmith has revamped the way it runs JS Objects from the JS Editor, making it easier to identify which function you're working on. The table widget has also received more love, with a total record count and page count added to the table header. A new option to resize the entity explorer page allows users to view more pages at once.

If you want to use a database not listed on Appsmith's website as an integration, you can raise a PR on Github, and the team will do its best to include it as soon as possible. Overall, these updates and features make internal app development on Appsmith more efficient and visually appealing.