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Multi Level Menu


I want to create a multi level menu using widgets on Appsmith but unfortunately, there isn't a dedicated widget for this feature yet. The Appsmith team has created a feature request for this and I am encouraged to add a comment with my use case to help prioritize it. In the meantime, I can try implementing a sidebar navigation using existing widgets or fork a sample app.


Unfortunately, there is no dedicated widget in Appsmith for creating multi-level menus. However, a feature request has been submitted for this, and users can add their comments to help prioritize the implementation of this feature. In the meantime, a workaround is to use existing widgets to create a sidebar navigation. This could be done by creating a layout that mimics a multi-level menu, using the Grid or Flexbox widgets to position the different elements. Another option is to use the Button and Modal widgets, where clicking a button opens a modal with the next level of the menu. It may require some experimentation and tweaking to achieve the desired look and functionality, but these existing widgets can be used creatively to create a multi-level menu. A sample app that demonstrates this workaround can be found on Appsmith's website.