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Multiple contributors, multiple environments


I am a beginner in Appsmith and I am unsure how to track changes made to the app configuration (pages, widgets, etc.) and how to deploy these changes to different environments. I am specifically wondering if my co-worker can view my changes by simply pulling branch changes and what needs to be deployed to push changes to dev, staging and prod environments.


The solution to tracking changes in Appsmith development locally is to create separate git branches for each developer/user and to use meaningful commit messages. This makes it easy to track changes and for co-workers to pull the branch changes and view them on their own instance.

There is no auto-deployment feature in Appsmith, so changes would need to be manually pulled in the respective dev, staging, and prod environments. This can be done by going to the edit mode of the App and pulling the changes manually.

Overall, following good git practices and communication between team members can help to ensure smooth collaboration and deployment of changes to different environments.