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Multiple Input in Dynamic List


I am trying to add multiple inputs per row in my Appsmith project, but the JavaScript code I am using is not working. Even though the input boxes are working fine, the select boxes are not selectable beyond the first one. It seems that the select widget is not supported inside the list widget, which is causing this issue.


The user is trying to add multiple inputs per row using the Dynamic Inputs example in Appsmith. They tried adding the code:

storeValue('inputValue2',[...(||[]), {input2:""}, {select2:""}], false)

However, they were having trouble with the select boxes not working properly inside the List widget. The issue is that the Select widget is not supported inside the List widget.

To solve this issue, the user may need to use a different type of widget, such as a Dropdown or Radio Button, instead of the Select widget. If they still want to use the Select widget, they may need to create a custom widget using React or use a different UI library that supports Select inside List.