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MYSQL query that returns empty table results in error screen


I am experiencing an issue in my self-hosted Appsmith app where a query that should return an empty table is causing the app to crash and display an error message. The query runs successfully in MYSQL Workbench, but when I try to run it in Appsmith, I get a TypeError in the browser console. The problem still persists even when limiting the dataset to only 5 rows and occurs with both MYSQL and Postgres databases. The Appsmith version I am using is 1.7.2. I had a zoom call with Appsmith support, and they are investigating the issue and have created a bug report on GitHub.


There is currently a bug in Appsmith where running a query that returns zero rows can cause the app to crash, resulting in an error screen. This issue has been reported by multiple users on both self-hosted and cloud instances, and has been identified as a bug in version 1.7.2 of Appsmith.

To work around this issue, users can try adding a limit to their query or manually adding a row to the table that meets the query’s requirements. Alternatively, users can try creating an app on the cloud instance and inviting to their app for debugging.

The Appsmith team is actively working to address this bug and has created an issue (#14584) on their GitHub page where updates and solutions will be posted.