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Need to replace value for query output


I had a query that returned either "incoming" or "outgoing" values. I wanted to update the alignment of the text to display as "left" or "right" based on whether the value was "incoming" or "outgoing". I asked the team how to do this, and @itpastor suggested using the code snippet "{{currentItem.direction === 'incoming' ? 'LEFT' : 'RIGHT'}}". It worked perfectly for me.


The user had a query that returned either "incoming" or "outgoing", which was used to determine whether the text should be aligned "left" or "right". They wanted to replace the true/false values with the corresponding alignments. A suggested solution by another user was to use the ternary operator in the Handlebars syntax to check if the currentItem.direction is "incoming" or not. If it is, then "LEFT" is returned, otherwise "RIGHT" is returned. The user confirmed that this solution worked perfectly for them. Here is an example snippet: "{{currentItem.direction === 'incoming' ? 'LEFT' : 'RIGHT'}}"