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Newbie here - How to query google sheets based table specifying a certain column to search


I am trying to figure out how to search for a specific column in a Google Sheets table. I need to be able to query the table based on a column name.


To query a specific column in a Google Sheets table, you can use the QUERY function. The basic syntax is:

=QUERY(table_range, "SELECT * WHERE [column letter] = 'search term'")

For example, if you want to search for all rows where the values in column C equal "apple", you would use the following formula:

=QUERY(A:C, "SELECT * WHERE C = 'apple'")

This will return all rows in the table that have "apple" in column C.

You can also use operators like ">", "<", ">=", "<=" to search for values that are greater than, less than, or equal to a certain number. For example:


This will return all rows where the values in column B are greater than 100.

You can also use other functions like COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, etc. within the QUERY function to perform calculations on the selected rows.

Note that the column letter in the QUERY formula corresponds to the column letter in your Google Sheets table. For example, column A would be "A", column B would be "B", and so on.

Overall, the QUERY function is a powerful tool for filtering and manipulating data in Google Sheets, and it can be a great way to work with large or complex tables.