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Not able to make custom column editable


I am not able to make new columns editable in the table provided by Appsmith. The editable section is greyed out and I am having trouble understanding how to save and retrieve the data from these custom columns. I want to make these columns editable to allow users to toggle a switch on or off and then save the data. However, I am not sure how to handle the addition of new columns in the database and how to display them on the table.


It is currently not possible to make custom columns editable in Appsmith's table widget due to concerns about how save and get functions/apis will work with them. However, if there is a specific use case for an editable custom column, it is recommended to rethink the data model and find a way to store the data in the database rather than as a custom column. This would allow the data to be retrieved through APIs and edited in the database, making it easier to display and edit in the table widget. If further assistance is needed, it is recommended to schedule a call with Appsmith's support team to discuss specific use case scenarios.