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Occasional failure or hanging of Appsmith using Docker


I have been using On Premise Appsmith with Docker for about 3 months now. Occasionally, when running a query, I encounter a hang or failure. The problem is intermittent and difficult to replicate. Version 1.8.11 was stable, but since upgrading to 1.8.15, the problem occurs more frequently and I have to remove the container to resolve it. The error message Appsmith shows is " connection timed out". I have shared the log file of the latest occurrence with the Appsmith team. They have asked me to update to the latest version (1.9.2), but I am facing an error. They recommended upgrading to 1.9.1 first and then to the latest version.


The user has been experiencing intermittent hangs or query failures while using Appsmith on their On Premise Docker environment. They previously refrained from posting about this issue as they couldn't replicate it consistently. Version 1.8.11 seemed stable for them, but after updating to version 1.8.15, the problem occurred more frequently. The error message shown by Appsmith when the query fails is connection timed out: /

The Appsmith team asked for the logs and said that they have only seen one or two users report this issue previously. They suggested upgrading to the latest version of Appsmith. The user would need to upgrade to v1.9.1 first and then to the latest version. They provided a supporting article and release notes for more context.

The suggested solution is to upgrade to the latest version of Appsmith and see if the issue persists.