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One of the App got deleted on its own


I started using App-smith as a standalone app on our on-premise setup. Unfortunately, one of our apps got deleted without any action from our side. I need help in debugging this issue and avoiding it in the future. Can you please advise on how to investigate by sending server logs?


The solution to debugging an App-smith app that was deleted unexpectedly is to gather server logs and investigate them. To do this, run the command "docker logs -f appsmith" to retrieve the logs or follow the steps in the guide on how to get the logs for a deployment based on Docker Compose. Once the logs are obtained, review them for any errors or issues that may have caused the app to be deleted and take action to prevent such issues in the future. This may include implementing better security measures or creating backups of the app to restore in case of deletion. In the meantime, the app can be recreated to continue using App-smith.