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Possible to get the computed value of currentRow?


I have a custom column in my table widget with a computed value, but when I try to use {{currentRow.customCol}} in the JS config of the style properties, I get a blank value instead of the computed value. As a workaround, I need to replicate the calculation in the styling, which is not ideal. According to the Appsmith team, they are working on getting this feature into the table widget. However, I asked if the feature will handle custom columns being able to reference themselves as well. In the meantime, I will continue using the workaround.


The problem was that a custom column with a computed value could not be referenced in the JS config of the style properties in Appsmith's table widget. As a workaround, one could replicate the calculation in the styling using the same formula. However, the Appsmith team confirmed that they are working on enabling custom columns to reference themselves and other custom columns. They provided a GitHub issue for users to follow and participate in the discussion. In the meantime, the double-calculations workaround can be used.