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Printing a physical label


I am a n00b in the Appsmith space and I want to know how to print physical labels for items starting from Appsmith. I need to print primary keys generated via new database entries for various items for inventory purposes around our lab. While I can build a python program for this, it would be great if I could integrate it with the Appsmith interface. Currently, this is not possible on Appsmith, but I am exploring third-party tools that might work with Appsmith.


Unfortunately, there is no direct way to print physical labels for items starting from Appsmith. However, it may be possible to integrate with third-party tools to achieve this functionality. One example is Zapier, which may provide a way to automate the printing of labels using Appsmith-generated primary keys.

To implement this solution, you would need to set up a Zapier integration with your Appsmith app and the label printing software. The Zapier integration would need to query the database for new entries and then communicate with the label printer to generate and print labels based on the primary keys. It may also be necessary to write some custom code to interface with the label printer, depending on the specific hardware and software being used.

Overall, while this solution may require some additional setup and customization, it should be possible to integrate label printing functionality with Appsmith using third-party tools such as Zapier.