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Problem about Restore Appsmith instance


I am having trouble restoring my Appsmith instance from a backup, as I am receiving an error message when connecting to the database. I followed the steps outlined in the documentation and saved the necessary encryption values, but the problem still persists. I would appreciate any help or guidance on how to resolve this issue.


The user was trying to restore their Appsmith instance from a backup but was encountering errors during the process. They had followed the steps in the documentation but were still having issues.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the encryption env values were not being included in the backup archive, which was causing authentication failures during the restore process. After ensuring that the encryption env values were saved and properly included in the backup archive, the restore process was successful.

To avoid similar issues, it is important to follow the documentation carefully and ensure that all necessary env values are included in the backup archive before attempting to restore an instance. It may also be helpful to provide full logs and screen recordings when seeking support to help identify and address any issues more efficiently.