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Processing blob data url


I have uploaded a large (.csv) file as blob in Appsmith and now I need to validate column names, but I don't know how to process blob data url in Appsmith. Although I tried setting the Data Format property of the filepicker to CSV, it didn't work. Appsmith does not officially support this feature, but there is a workaround available that has a limitation of local storage limits. I hope that Appsmith will add support for this functionality in the future.


Currently, Appsmith does not officially support processing blob data URLs. However, a possible workaround is to use the JavaScript FileReader API to read the blob data and convert it to a usable format. The code example provided in the response involves creating a function that accepts the blob data URL as a parameter and then extracts the file type and URL using a helper function. The readBlob function then reads the blob data using the FileReader API and returns the data in a usable format depending on the file type (Base64, Binary, or Text). The resulting data can then be stored using the storeValue function. It should be noted that this workaround has a limitation in that Appsmith may throw an error due to local storage limits. The documentation has been updated to reflect this issue, and a feature request has been opened to support this functionality in the future.