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Query Params needs 3 handlebars?


I am having trouble understanding the proper syntax for putting query params into a button in the non-Javascript version of the input. The current documentation is not clear and I find it unintuitive to require three handlebars for a simple text input. I have suggested having separate inputs for key and value and allowing comma separation for multiple params. Additionally, there are issues with the documentation links leading to unrelated pages. I would like to file a documentation improvement request but am unable to do so.


The issue is with the syntax required for adding query parameters to a button in the non-JS version of the input. It requires three handlebars, which is not intuitive for non-programmers. The solution is to wrap the query parameter in double handlebars, without the surrounding brackets, like so: {{“email”: “testtesttest”}}. This will allow proper parsing of the JSON object. The user suggests that it would be better to have separate inputs for keys and values and a more intuitive interface for non-programmers. The user has also pointed out some issues with the documentation and has been directed to file a documentation improvement request on GitHub.