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Recover applications from DB


I'm having trouble with the auto update on my Appsmith instance and can't bring it back up. I backed up the DB folder and moved it to another machine with MongoDB, but I'm unsure how to replicate the functionality of the JSON export. I'm also considering using Git-sync to make my apps shareable. I asked if there was a way to use the information from MongoDB Compass as an import into another Appsmith instance.


The user had an issue with the auto-update in their Appsmith instance and could not bring it back up. They had backed up their DB folder and brought it up on another machine with MongoDB. They asked if there was a way to create a replica of the Appsmith functionality "JSON export" from the DB itself in order to import it to another Appsmith instance. The recommendation was to use git-sync in order to share apps across multiple instances.

No code examples were provided.