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Redirect to appsmith login page


I have a private app that is supposed to redirect non-logged-in users to a login page, but instead, they receive a 404 page not found error. This is causing a problem for our semi-internal users who don't need to go through the tutorial. I've opened a bug report on this issue on GitHub.


The original poster reported an issue with a private app where non-logged-in users were receiving a 404 error instead of being directed to a login page. Appsmith team clarified that this behavior is intended, but the original poster noted that this is not what actually occurs. They opened a bug report on Github with steps to reproduce the issue.

The solution will likely involve fixing the code that directs non-logged-in users to the login page instead of a 404 error. This will require testing and debugging to identify and fix the issue. It may also involve updating the app's login page or building a custom login system to avoid the issue altogether. Code examples may be necessary to identify and resolve the issue.