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Redirect users to the production website when domain is entered


I deployed a self-hosted Appsmith app on Digital Ocean, but I want to redirect users directly to the production application home page instead of the Appsmith login page. However, this is not currently possible. The only solution is to install nginx or apache and add custom routing for a single application running on the Appsmith.


Currently, it's not possible to set the application page as the home/root page in Appsmith. However, there's a way to achieve this by installing nginx/apache and adding custom routing there. This solution is feasible if you have only one application running on your Appsmith.

To redirect users to the production application home page, you must write redirect rules in your nginx configuration file. Here's an example of a rewrite rule in nginx:

location / {
rewrite ^/$ /appsmithApp-custom-login-page redirect;

You can customize this rule based on your specific requirements. If you need more assistance with this, refer to various tutorials available online or get in touch with the Appsmith team for further help.