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ReferenceError: jsonpath is not defined


I am trying to use "jsonpath" in my Appsmith app to query a response, but I keep getting a "ReferenceError: jsonpath is not defined" error. I loaded "jsonpath" in the libs section and tried to use it in JSOBJECT, but it doesn't seem to be working properly. I'm not sure why this is happening, and unfortunately, I can't share the app for debugging since it's on an internal network. However, I managed to solve the issue by rewriting the query.


The user had loaded the library "jsonpath" in the libs section of their code and was trying to use it in a JSOBJECT function. However, they were getting an error stating that "jsonpath is not defined". They reached out to support for assistance, but were unable to share their app as it was on an internal network.

After some further debugging and rewriting of the query, the user was able to resolve the issue and no longer received the error. It is unclear what specifically caused the initial error, but re-writing the query may have corrected any syntax issues or incorrect use of the library.