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[Release 1.7.10] Inline editing in tables, Airtable is now generally available, and wait, did you say, auto-indent?


I need to know what new features, improvements, and fixes were included in the latest release of Appsmith. It seems that there were 34 new features, including automatic code indenting and easier embedding restrictions. Improvements include better error reporting and simpler permissions for Google Sheets, while fixes range from inconsistency in widget behavior to issues with deleting default array items. Three new templates were also added, and a new contributor made their first contribution.


The Appsmith team has released a new update that includes 34 new features, 102 bug fixes, and three significant improvements. The new features include automatic code indentation, relaxed embed restrictions, and compatibility with multiple RSA keys for Azure, GitLab, and Bitbucket. The team has also made improvements, such as renaming "Organizations" to "Workspaces," adding hover tooltips to show full query names, and showing better error messages for async functions.

The Appsmith team has also included new templates, such as IT Asset Tracker, Discord Bot for GitHub Updates, and Business Directory with Clearbit API. Additionally, they've recognized a new contributor, @Mrxyy, who made their first contribution in #15227.

Overall, the Appsmith update provides a significant upgrade to their platform, addressing user concerns and making the platform more user-friendly. With new features, improvements, templates, and a growing contributor community, Appsmith is worth keeping an eye on for app development needs.