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This solution is summarized from an archived support forum post. This information may have changed. If you notice an error, please let us know in Discord.

[Release 1.7.12] Secure by design, unblocked by intention


As a member of the Appsmith team, we recently encountered a security issue that required a quick release. We quickly addressed the issue and released a medium-sized fix that ensures better security for all users. Additionally, we improved our system for Business users and resolved an issue where Keycloak was blocking legitimate authorization attempts. We've made changes to ensure Keycloak behaves properly, but please let us know if the issue persists.


Appsmith has released a new version, which includes a security fix and improvements for business users. The security fix addresses a potential vulnerability in the system, ensuring that users can rely on Appsmith for secure data storage. Additionally, the improvements for business users include changes to Keycloak settings, resolving issues that were blocking some users from accessing the system.

While the release does not include any significant new features, users can be confident that their data is protected and that the system is functioning smoothly. As always, the Appsmith team is committed to providing a top-quality user experience and will continue to monitor the system for potential issues or vulnerabilities.

It is important to note that no code examples are provided in this release announcement. However, the Appsmith team does provide under-the-hood details about the changes made to Keycloak settings, for users who are interested in the technical details of the improvements made in this release.