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[Release 1.7.13] A curious question, a lot of prettiness, and even more usability


As an Appsmith user, I was curious about how many apps an Appsmith could create. However, while trying to count, I got distracted by the new features, improvements, and bug fixes that were recently implemented. Some of the updates include new widgets added to Theming, updates to Project Reskinning, and improvements to performance and security. There were also several bug fixes, such as addressing issues with the Multi-select and Select widgets, connecting to Elasticsearch instances, and the behavior of the Filepicker. Additionally, a new contributor named @heroic made their first ever contribution to the platform.


Appsmith has released a number of updates in its recent version. Theming has welcomed more widgets to its club, Project Reskinning has updates including improvements to various widgets, and fork-happy users now have the ability to fork better.

In terms of improvements, there are many. For example, sync functions have been removed from page loads, camera widgets have been improved, autocomplete no longer plays Brutus, and input forms have been made bigger. Appsmith has also improved its scrolling and performance, and added security updates.

In terms of bug fixes, Appsmith has addressed many issues, including forking templates and multi-select widgets working properly, adding validation to values, and fixing errors with Elasticsearch instances, JSONForms, and the Filepicker widget.

Finally, Appsmith has welcomed new contributors to its repo and is continuing to advance in its widget-building capabilities.