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Running Appsmith Locally - Still sending external data


I am trying to run Appsmith locally using docker-compose for a proof of concept, but it is still sending out data to an external source. However, we need the entire thing hosted on premise without any data leaving our network. I am not sure what is blocking the calls to within the docker instance, even though I can access it from the browser. I am considering an air-gapped environment provided by the enterprise/business edition or disabling the anonymous behavior data sharing for product analytics.


As a summary, Appsmith may make calls to external sources for features such as fetching release notes and product templates or sharing anonymous behavior data for product analytics. However, this can be disabled and none of the user's specific data ever leaves the self-hosted instance.

For those who require an air-gapped environment, Appsmith offers an enterprise/business edition that can be hosted entirely on premise.

For those experiencing difficulty setting up the docker instance due to blocked calls to, it may be due to a company firewall setting or being on a VPN. Checking with IT or disabling the VPN may help resolve the issue.