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Running Appsmith on multiple instances: AWS Fargate, EC2 autoscaling


I am considering using Appsmith for our organization's internal tools but I am unsure about how to scale it to meet varying demand. The current documentation suggests vertical scaling of one EC2 instance, but I am interested in using Fargate or EC2 autoscaling group instead. There are now docs available on running Appsmith in Fargate, but it is unclear if it is possible to have more than one task running Appsmith.


The solution to running Appsmith in a scalable environment involves using Fargate or an EC2 autoscaling group. Appsmith is currently working on support for Fargate, and documentation is available for setting up Appsmith on an EC2 autoscaling group.

In order to run multiple tasks of Appsmith, it may be possible to simply launch multiple tasks and monitor the performance to ensure it remains stable. The maximum number of tasks allowed may vary based on the resources available and the demand on the application.

Overall, setting up Appsmith on a scalable infrastructure allows for easier management of infrastructure and the ability to handle varying levels of demand without manual intervention. Stay tuned for further updates on Appsmith's support for Fargate.