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SAML 2.0 Error When Logging in via SSO


I encountered an error while attempting to log in with SAML 2.0 SSO using our Azure AD identity provider. The error was "Internal Server Error" and the backend log showed a connection timeout to I shared the logs with Appsmith support and they asked me to confirm if the server could connect to Appsmith. After running a command, I received a message mentioning deprecated python version, but no further details. I upgraded Docker and Docker-compose before doing the initial installation and allowed public IP via port 443 in AWS Security Group used by EC2 instance, which resolved the issue.


The issue was with setting up SAML 2.0 SSO with Azure AD identity provider, where an "Internal Server Error" was encountered while trying to log in. The backend log showed a connection timeout error. The Appsmith version was v1.9.13. The logs were sent to Appsmith support for investigation.

To fix this, the following steps were taken:
1. Docker and Docker-compose were upgraded before the initial installation.
2. The AWS Security Group used by the EC2 instance was allowed to access the public IP via port 443.

After implementing the above steps, the issue was resolved.