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Save Document Reference back to Firestore workaround


I'm trying to store a docRef back to Firestore from Appsmith but haven't found a workaround yet. This is a major con for me as I'm evaluating alternatives for a specific use case. It seems like Appsmith has an issue with persisting DocumentRef type in documents and I've been asked to upvote and comment on the issue with my use case for potential enhancement.


Unfortunately, there is currently no known workaround to store a docRef back to Firestore from Appsmith. However, there is an open feature request on the Appsmith GitHub repository to allow persisting of DocumentRef type in document for their Firestore plugin. The request includes a specific issue number, Feature-500, and users are encouraged to upvote and comment on the issue with their use cases to increase its priority for implementation.

Until this feature is implemented, it may be necessary to consider alternative solutions for the specific use case that requires storing docRefs. There is no code example provided as this is currently a limitation of the Appsmith platform.