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Scheduled Downtime on September 4, 2022


As a self-hosted user of Appsmith, I was concerned that after their upcoming maintenance, an outdated version of the app would no longer work and I would be forced to upgrade. This would be inconvenient as some team members are on holiday and updating at short notice would leave them without their tools. I expressed my concerns to the Appsmith team and they clarified that self-hosted users who have auto-updates turned off will not have downtime. The option to upgrade to the latest version and go through migrations will be available at a later time.


The Appsmith team clarified that self-hosted users who have turned off auto-updates will not experience downtime after maintenance. An outdated self-hosted version will not stop working, and access to apps will not be lost if a docker-compose pull is not done immediately. Upgrading to the latest version can be done at any time, and migrations will occur when the update is performed. The team apologizes for any confusion and welcomes any further questions or concerns. No code examples are necessary for this solution.