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Secondary Stale Connection Error / Status 5000 with no changes made


I am experiencing an error with my self-hosted docker image of AppSmith when sending queries to our MariaDB SQL database. The error message states "Execution failed with status 5000. Secondary stale connection error." A simple restart of the AppSmith container fixed the issue, but it occurred again after some time. The AppSmith team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.


The issue was with AppSmith encountering a "Secondary stale connection error" when sending queries to a MariaDB SQL database. A restart of the AppSmith container fixed the issue temporarily, but it resurfaced again. The AppSmith team acknowledged the issue and released a fix for it in the next version. However, the issue resurfaced again later, and the team offered to schedule a debug call to investigate further. No final solution was given in the community discussion.