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Source data exceeds 50 files please update the source data


I am trying to open a MongoDB document but it shows an error saying "source data exceeds 50 files please update the source data" even though the document only has 44 fields. If I do have more than 50 fields, how can I open the document to update it?


It appears that the error message you're receiving relates to the number of files in your MongoDB database, rather than the number of fields in a specific document. The error message is suggesting that you update the source data to resolve the issue.

If you do need to open a document with more than 50 fields, you'll need to find a way to modify the document outside of MongoDB, as it appears to have a hard limit on the number of fields in a document. One option might be to export the data, modify it in a text editor or spreadsheet software and then re-import it into a new document in MongoDB.

However, before attempting to modify the data, it's worth checking that the message you're seeing is related to the number of fields in the document you're trying to open. It's possible that there's another issue at play that is causing the error message to be displayed.