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Stale driver for MySQL


I am unable to connect to TiDB Cloud Serverless Tier when using appsmith due to an SSL error. It seems like r2dbc-mysql, which appsmith is using, is no longer being maintained. I suggest switching to r2dbc-mariadb. I have filed a bug report and am hoping to resolve this issue so that I can successfully connect to TiDB.


The issue reported is that the appsmith application is unable to connect to a TiDB Cloud Serverless Tier instance that requires SSL. This error appears to be caused by the r2dbc-mysql driver used by appsmith.

As a solution, it is recommended to switch to r2dbc-mariadb driver. This should resolve the problem of connecting to the TiDB Cloud Serverless Tier instance that requires SSL. The r2dbc-mariadb driver can be configured in the application's code to support SSL connections.

To resolve this issue, a bug report has been filed on the appsmith GitHub repository. This will allow the appsmith team to have a better understanding of the issue and take necessary actions to resolve it.