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statusDropdown is not defined error


I am encountering an error with my AppSmith project which states "The value at config.body is invalid". The error seems to be unrelated to any queries that I have created as it mentions a control that I do not have in my project and a collection that I do not have in my database. I have shared my application with the AppSmith support team but have not received any feedback yet. I have tried upgrading to the latest version of AppSmith but the issue still persists.


Unfortunately, the issue reported by the user is still not resolved even after updating to the latest version of Appsmith. The error message seems to be related to a default project with a PostgreSQL database and a "users" collection that is not present in the code or any of the databases used in the user's project.

The Appsmith support team has been investigating the issue and has requested further information and access to the user's application. It is recommended that the user follows up with the support team and provides the necessary information to help resolve the issue.