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A String from ms to date


As an individual, I am trying to display a UNIX timestamp (ms) as a string in German format using a DB-Fef. Currently, my code displays the timestamp in a different format. I am looking for a solution and have tried using moment, but it doesn't seem to be working. I am seeking assistance and would appreciate any suggestions.


To display a Unix timestamp in German format as a string, you can use the moment library. The code for formatting the timestamp would be:
moment(new Date(T2_Tab_Code.selectedRow.Date)).format('DD.MM.YYYY')
This code creates a moment object from the Unix timestamp, converts it to a German-formatted string using the format() function, and outputs the result.
If using just moment, the code would be:
It's important to note that the format of the Date column in the T2_Tab_Code table must be compatible with the moment library functions in order for this code to work.