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Support for Case Insensitive Sorting in Mongo Find Query


As a user, I am encountering an issue with using the mongodb.collection.sort() method in AppSmith. It sorts text in a case-sensitive manner which is not desirable. I am wondering if the collation() method is supported in AppSmith. If not, I am suggested a workaround using an aggregate query from Stack Overflow, but I am not fond of using unnecessary aggregations.


The issue discussed concerns the case sensitivity of the MongoDB.collection.sort() method, which sorts data in an A-Z, a-z manner. To resolve this issue, MongoDB added the collation() method to sort data in a case-insensitive manner. However, it is not clear whether this feature is currently supported in AppSmith. As a workaround, a user suggested using an aggregation query in Java, which involves passing the $toLower operator as an argument to $sort. This method sorts the data in a case-insensitive manner by converting all letters to lowercase before sorting. While this workaround may not be ideal for large datasets, it can be effective for smaller datasets.