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Table Editor Performance issues


I have developed multiple apps using AppSmith with large tables containing up to 120 columns and an infinite scrolling feature. However, I am experiencing major lag when a cell updates and the widget editor is also extremely slow and glitchy. I am unsure how many rows a table can realistically display at once and am concerned about AppSmith's ability to support multiple users editing rows at once. Despite this, I appreciate AppSmith's resources and would like to know if there are any solutions to these issues, such as implementing server-side pagination or reducing the number of columns displayed. Additionally, I am interested in AppSmith's plans for supporting infinite scrolling and row virtualization with dynamic row heights.


The user has been experiencing performance issues with their large tables in AppSmith, particularly with lag when updating cells and a glitchy widget editor. They have several tables with up to 120 columns and an infinite scrolling function, which is causing the issues. AppSmith recommends implementing server-side pagination to avoid performance issues and limits API/Query response to 5MB, which equates to 1,901 rows. Additionally, only selecting columns that can be visible on the screen may help with performance.

The user tried reducing the amount of data displayed on their largest table by using {{,10)}} instead of displaying all the data, which improved AppSmith's performance. AppSmith is yet to figure out if row virtualisation on dynamic row heights works since offering that feature to users. If dynamic row heights are used, it is safer to reduce the number of records on a page to be about 50.

Lastly, the user requested an infinite scrolling function and AppSmith is seeking more details on the user's app, their users, and why they need it. AppSmith plans to support it in future versions. It was suggested that the user could book a call with a member of the AppSmith team to discuss it further.