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Is there any tutorial / templates for simple shopping cart application?


I need help figuring out how to capture selected products into a 'cart' in my app. Currently, I have listed the products and populated their details, but I am not sure how to implement the cart feature. I welcome any pointers, guides, or suggestions on how to do this.


The solution for implementing a cart in an ecommerce app involves using a list widget to display products and the storeValue() function to store selected products in a cart on the client-side. An Ecommerce Store template is available on Appsmith to help build this functionality. It uses the storeValue() function to build the cart on the client-side, without creating or updating a record for each item added. The cart can be updated and stored between browser sessions. Customization can be done by modifying the existing code in the template or asking for help from the Appsmith team. No tutorial or guide is available, but the team is available to answer any questions related to customization.