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Three (3) simple tips that can make your app better. (Part 1)


As an appsmith developer, I often encounter errors when building my app. Some of these errors are caused by bugs in the appsmith codebase, while others are due to my own mistakes. To reduce errors, I have adopted the following three tips: using async/await properly, using ternary operators when appropriate, and utilizing JsObjects to write clean and reusable code. By following these tips, I can build more reliable and efficient apps on appsmith.


As an appsmith developer, it's important to reduce errors in your app. One way to do this is by adopting async/await and using it properly to fetch data from data sources such as APIs and databases. You should also avoid multiple uses of the same data property and instead use a variable to store the response from the data source.

Another tip is to use ternary operators when referencing values from widgets or the appsmith store. This allows you to insert a default value if the user does not provide a value. For instance, if you have a select widget, you can use the filtered value inside a query by using a ternary operator.

Finally, using a JsObject can make it easier to write clean and reusable code that you can share among different widgets. You can use async/await and catch API errors, making it easier to debug your app in the long run. By following these tips, you can reduce errors and build more reliable apps.