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Track or log user activity


I am creating a table for internal users to perform basic CRUD operations, but I need to implement an activity log to track user actions. Specifically, I need to track which user edited which field, date and time of the edit, and the data that was modified. Is there a way to do this?


Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature that provides an activity log showing which user modified which table field, date and time, and the modified data. However, there is an ongoing Epic on GitHub that aims to create this feature. Users can comment with their use cases to help prioritize and understand this feature better.

As there is no built-in solution, it may be necessary to create a custom solution using code. This will depend on the software or programming language being used. One possible solution is to create a database trigger that captures the user ID, date and time, and modified data when a table field is updated. This information can then be stored in a separate table as an activity log.

Another possible solution is to use an external tool or library that provides auditing or logging functionality. For example, there are third-party libraries available for .NET or Java that can log database activity.

Overall, creating an activity log will involve a custom solution using code or an external tool/library.