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Troubleshoot ‘heavy’ app


I made changes to an app that caused a specific page to become slow and unresponsive, with error messages appearing in the Console. I believe the issue is with the page itself, but I can't identify what is causing the problem. I am looking for recommendations on how to troubleshoot this.


The issue was that an app was becoming very slow and causing WebSocket connection and 404 Not Found errors. The server was fine, so it was determined that a recent edit to the specific page was causing the issues. However, investigating via the browser's edit view was too slow to effectively find the problematic change.

To troubleshoot, the user was advised to follow two troubleshooting steps from the documentation: profiling the app load time and profiling an action. They were also asked for more information about the 404 error.

Eventually, the issue was fixed in version 1.8.3, and the user thanked those who helped. No code examples were necessary in this summary.