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UI hangs when trying to load csv file of 2Mb in file picker


I am experiencing a UI hang when trying to load a 2Mb CSV file in Appsmith file picker. The browser page becomes unresponsive and takes too long to load. I need suggestions to fix this issue.


Unfortunately, without reviewing the performance profiles as suggested by Appsmith, it is difficult to provide a specific solution. However, here are some general suggestions to improve the performance of loading a 2MB CSV file in the file picker:

  1. Consider compressing the CSV file before uploading it to the file picker. Compressed files will be smaller in size and will take less time to upload and process.

  2. Try using a server-side script to process and import the CSV data instead of relying on the browser to handle it. This will offload the processing load from the client-side and can improve performance.

  3. Use lazy loading or pagination to load only a portion of the CSV data at a time instead of trying to load the entire file at once. This can improve the speed and stability of the UI.

  4. Consider using a different file format for the data instead of CSV, such as JSON or XML. These formats can be more efficient and can make it easier to process the data on the client-side.

Ultimately, the best solution will depend on the specific use case and requirements, so it is important to review the performance profiles and carefully consider the options before implementing a solution.