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Unable to Fetch More Than 100 Records from Airtable


I am unable to fetch more than 100 records from my Airtable datasource. I have tried increasing the page size, but I get an error message that says "INVALID_PAGE_SIZE_ARGUMENT". I think this might be a limitation of the Airtable API, but I'm not sure.


The issue of not being able to fetch more than 100 records from Airtable data source can be addressed by dynamically setting the offset property in the query. The maximum limit of records that can be retrieved at a time by the Airtable REST API is 100, so pagination can be used to fetch all the data. The offset property in the query can be set to {{}}.

To enable server-side pagination, it is necessary to turn on the pagination option in the table widget property pane and configure page limits to 100. The query should be called on the page change event to display all the data with pagination.

By setting the offset property dynamically and enabling pagination in the table widget, it is possible to fetch all the data from the Airtable data source without upgrading to a higher plan.