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Unable to fetch pdf content from API


I am having trouble fetching the content of a PDF file that I sent via REST API on Appsmith. The response I receive is truncated and different from what I get on Postman. I need help configuring the headers and body in FilePicker and understanding how to handle PDF files in Appsmith. I also shared my application URL with the support team for debugging. Later, they found some errors while uploading PDF and made changes to my application. They created a JavaScript object to format the API response and now it displays the information correctly. They asked me to send the PDF file and let them know the expected format in which to read it on Appsmith.


The user was experiencing issues with fetching the full content of a PDF file sent via REST API in Appsmith. They were keeping the file type as Text and accessing it in the API as abcd.files[0]. The response received in Appsmith was truncated compared to the response received in Postman. After further discussions and debugging, it was found that there were some errors with uploading PDF files in the application. The Appsmith team reported this to their engineers for further investigation.

Later, the Appsmith team made some changes to the application by creating a JavaScript object that formats the response of the API so that it can be displayed correctly in the table. The widget container in the application now displays the information correctly. The team requested the user to provide the PDF file they were trying to load and the format in which they expect it to be read in Appsmith.

Overall, it seems like the issue was related to errors with uploading PDF files in the application, and the Appsmith team is working to resolve this.