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Unable to start appsmith Docker instance


I am encountering an issue with my AWS EC2 instance hosting a Docker instance of Appsmith. After increasing the memory allocation and extending the file system, the Docker container is unable to start and keeps crashing with a MongoDB error. Despite using an external MongoDB instance without replica sets, this was not causing the problem earlier. I'm looking for a solution to this issue.


The user was experiencing issues with their AWS EC2 instance running out of memory and had to increase the memory allocation. After extending the memory and restarting the Appsmith Docker container, the container kept crashing with an error related to the MongoDB instance they were using. The user had been using a self-managed MongoDB instance without replica sets.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that a recent update to Appsmith contained a bug that caused the server to not start properly. The solution was to fix the bug by upgrading to version 1.6.4 of Appsmith.

No code examples were necessary for the resolution of this issue.