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Upgrade to Business Edition


I want to upgrade my community to AppSmith's Business Edition, but after restarting the container, it doesn't take effect. The Docker Compose is located at a specific directory, and relevant parts are set in the Compose file. I have checked with Docker Inspect and confirmed that the proxy variables are pulling. Can anyone provide me with a solution?


The issue at hand is that the user is trying to upgrade their AppSmith community to the Business Edition using a license key, but after restarting the container, it has no effect. The Docker Compose file contains the relevant parts with the image from Docker Hub and the license key set as an environment variable, along with proxy variables. One possible solution is to check if the license key is correct and compatible with the Business Edition. Additionally, check if the Docker container is running with the correct configuration by verifying the logs. Ensure that the license key is being read properly by the container.

One possible approach to check if the license key is compatible with the Business Edition is by contacting the AppSmith support team. If the license key is correct, check the container logs for any error messages related to the license. Use the Docker inspect command to verify if the proxy variables are being applied correctly to the container. Finally, check if any firewall rules are blocking the connection to the license server. By resolving these issues, the user should be able to upgrade to the Business Edition successfully.