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Uploading CSV data and reading it in Table Widget using Filepicker


I have a problem with parsing a CSV file that I uploaded using the Filepicker widget. When the data in the file contains newline characters or commas, it breaks the formatting and creates incorrect rows and columns in my table. I think it would be helpful if the Filepicker widget could upload the file in CSV format and let the platform handle the parsing according to RFC 4180 standards to avoid these issues.


The current approach involves uploading a CSV file as a text using the Filepicker widget. However, parsing the data using JavaScript can lead to issues when data values contain newline characters or commas. To resolve this issue, it is suggested to have the Filepicker widget upload the file in CSV format, and allow the platform to parse the data according to the RFC 4180 standards. This ensures that the data formatting is consistent and correct.

Code examples are not provided as the solution involves changing the approach rather than implementing specific code.