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Uploading CSV file to table and filling in other columns based on values in certain column


As a new Appsmith user, I need help uploading a CSV file and filling in extra columns based on the value of entries in one of the uploaded columns. I have a spreadsheet that dictates what should be filled in, and I want to know if there is a way to automate this process.


The user wants to upload a CSV file into a table using Appsmith and fill in extra columns in the table based on the value of entries in one column of the CSV file. They have a separate Excel file that lists the possible values of the column and what values should be entered in the new columns based on those values.

To achieve this, the user can upload the second file and use a JS function inside a JS Object to manipulate the data. A sample app that shows how to merge two CSV files is provided as an example. The user can fork the app and modify the JS function to fit their specific needs.

Overall, this approach involves using JavaScript to manipulate the data and fill in the extra columns based on the values in the original column.