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URL with query parameters broken in edit mode


I used to pass query parameters with navigateTo(page, {'sequence_id' : 123}) and access it with appsmith.URL.queryParams.sequence_id, but it stopped working in edit mode. There is no parameter in the URL now, instead, it's /edit?branch=main#niztnxjv3o. After investigating, we found a bug in special cases where the app is in Edit Mode and Connected to git-sync. The issue is fixed now, and we need to upgrade to v1.8.11 to resolve it.


The issue reported is that the navigateTo function was not working with query parameters in Edit Mode, although it was still working in production mode. The solution was to upgrade to version 1.8.11, which fixed a bug in special cases where the app was in Edit Mode and connected to git-sync. The solution involved upgrading to the latest version and ensuring that the app was connected to git-sync. A code example of the navigateTo function was also requested but not included in the provided conversation.