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Using Supabase for image upload


I am having trouble implementing Supabase file storage to my app using Appsmith. The tutorial only shows the process for AWS, and I couldn't find a guide for Supabase. Even with help, I still couldn't do it and ended up resorting to using blob and adding it to my table as a temporary solution.


The user had difficulty implementing Supabase file storage in their app and requested help. Although only a tutorial for AWS was available, the solution involved using the Filepicker widget and creating a custom API to interact with Supabase Storage.

To do this, the user added the Filepicker widget, created a new API using the Supabase REST API, configured the API with the necessary headers, set the API method to POST, and constructed the URL to upload the file to Supabase Storage. They added the file data from the Filepicker widget to the Body section of the API configuration and bound the API to the Filepicker widget’s onFileUploaded event or another trigger.

However, the user was unable to complete these steps and opted to use blob and add it to the table instead.