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Validation Failure on json file import attempt


I am having trouble importing JSON files exported from Appsmith instances, both on the cloud and on-premises. I keep receiving a "Validation Failure(s): invalid json file" error message. I have tried importing an unedited "My first application" file, but still get the same error. I am looking for a reliable backup/restore process and have tried to follow the guidance on Appsmith's website. I have sent files to the Appsmith support team via email but have not heard back.


There is no clear solution discussed in this thread as the issue is still being debugged by Appsmith support. The user is experiencing validation failures when attempting to import JSON files exported from Appsmith instances, both online and on-prem. They have sent application JSON files to Appsmith support for debugging. The issue seems to persist even with a new application created and exported without any edits made. The user is seeking a reliable backup/restore process for Appsmith applications and is awaiting further guidance from support.