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Validations on load form


I sometimes add validations to UI elements only after bad data is already in the system. This causes issues with the Submit button being enabled when it shouldn't be, especially when loading existing data. Even empty array fields with validations cause the Submit button to be disabled, but it's not clear which field is causing the error. I might need to adjust the validations to only run for fields and add validation for empty fields with optional data. I would appreciate if you could share a screenshot of the validation rules.


The issue is that certain validations are not triggering or being highlighted on UI elements when existing data is loaded into the form, leading to the Submit button being enabled even when it shouldn't be. To address this, validations should be adjusted to only run for fields and include special validation for fields that are allowed to be left empty but, if they contain data, the data must be valid.

It would be helpful to see a screenshot of the current validation rules in order to give more specific guidance on adjustments that can be made.