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Very slow in edit and deployment mode


I am running a self-hosted version of AppSmith on Docker and it is running very slow, even with only six entries in the database. Different pages seem to run at different speeds and the main page is the slowest. It seems like the slow performance may be due to the number of JS functions and SQL queries associated with the page. I have a VPS with 8GB RAM and 4 cores, and have used similar software without performance issues. I need this resolved before the end of the month or I may need to consider using an alternative platform.


The user is running a self-hosted version of AppSmith on Docker and is experiencing slow performance. They have set up a MYSQL container on Docker to host the information and currently only have 6 entries on the database. The user has multiple pages that pull information from different tables on the same MYSQL Database, with the main page running the slowest.

The AppSmith team is investigating the issue, and recommends a system of 4 GB RAM with 2 CPUs (t3.medium on AWS) for optimal performance. The user states they have a VPS with 8GB Ram and 4 Cores, and have run other Docker Images with no issues.

The user has noticed that tables with only 1 query load quickly, with performance slowing down as more queries or Javascript are added. They have provided examples of the SELECT QUERY and CALL FROM OTHER TABLE FOR DROPDOWN queries, as well as an example of the Javascript used for calculations to populate total prices.

No solution has been provided yet, as the AppSmith team is still investigating the issue. There is an active conversation on the Github link. The user needs the issue resolved before the end of the month and will decide whether to stick with AppSmith or move elsewhere based on the resolution.